7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Our Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Coin Market Manager is quickly becoming one of the most popular crypto portfolio tracker tools for Binance and other popular bitcoin and altcoin exchanges. Thanks to our simple intuitive user interface and in-depth trade analysis, Coin Market Manager will improve your portfolio management. 

Lets take a further look at some of our best features:
1 - Seemless Trade Data Auto-Sync

Easily sync thousands of trades via a read-only API key. No manual entries needed. Update your data at any time with a simple click of the "Refresh Trades" button. 
2 - Real Time Market Value and Stats

Monitor your crypto portfolio market value in both Bitcoin and FIAT in real-time, and manage your exposure to the altcoins you are currently trading
3 - Comprehensive Overview of your Open Altcoin Positions

Get a clear overview of your live investments. Live price in both Bitcoin and USD. Keep an eye on the overall Rolling Profit/Loss summary on all your positions together, as well as the individual market value of each coin in your balance in both Bitcoin and USD. 
4 - Break Even and Rolling Profit Loss

See the break even figure on your live investments for a clear visualisation of how well your position is doing. Or what price you need to reach in order to be in profit again. Along side the break even - monitor the rolling profit loss in real time. Watch in real-time how much bitcoin you're making on each trade. 
5 - Exchange Gains Tracking

Review how much youve made on each exchange. Each deposit and withdrawal can be converted to display FIAT and BTC values for truly accurate and consistent book keeping. 
6 - Intuitive Trade Tracking

Expand on any of your altcoin positions to view its trade history broken down into "Legs". One "Leg" represents a trade session with a coin from first purchase, to last sale down to a 0 balance. 
7 - In-Depth Trade Analysis

You can then expand any individual leg for a full breakdown of its trade history: 
If you are on Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Bitmex or Kucoin - these are just some of the reasons why so many users are choosing to sign up to Coin Market Manager as their chosen crypto portfolio tracker

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