Road Map

This is our roadmap of upcoming features: everything we are brainstorming and have in development, you will be able to find here. If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions or just want to say hi, please feel free to Contact us
In Development
Trading Journal
A place to easily journal your trades. You will be able to upload accompanying images, and thread previous entries together.
Total Net Worth Chart
Store users balance once each day, and begin to paint a portfolio balance growth chart to visualise your daily portfolio movement.

Creating an accurate mockup of your historic balance history is extremely difficult. We would need to know exactly what you were holding, and its price at the time. 2 hurdles that are not easy to overcome and will take lots of thought
Trading Performance Stats
Each exchange will come with a "STATS" section where you will see things like:

- Favourite coin (most profit)
- Most hated coin (biggest loss)
- Number of winning legs
- Leg % win rate
- Avg BTC profit per leg
- Coin % win rate
- Avg BTC gain/loss per coin
- Best trade (%)
- Best trade (BTC)
- Worst Trade (%)
- Worst Trade (BTC)

Feel free to suggest/request other stats
Add Coinbase Pro
Add API compatibility for the Coinbase Pro exchange
Dark Mode!
Heavily requested, and on the to do list.
Fix Bittrex Withdrawals Data Pull
Install and upgrade to Bittrex's new API to allow withdrawal history to pull more than just the last 30 days
Chart Toggle Button
Insert a button to allow you to toggle between viewing a coins chart to clean up the asset drop down section.
Exchange Markets
Depending on what exchange you are currently selected on, there will be a tab allowing you to scan through the exchanges market. Youll see all BTC pairs on the exchange, along with 24hr volume, % change, and live price.
Break Even in USD
Option to toggle breakeven figures between BTC and USD by clicking on them
Multiple Portfolios
Ability to add multiple exchange accounts to count towards a singular TOTAL NET WORTH.

Mar 2019
Position Size Calculator
A tool in the math lab that will allow you to quickly calculate how much to invest in a position based on the % risk you enter.
BTC <> FIAT Converter
A tool in the math lab that will allow you to instantly view the FIAT value of any entered BTC amount, and vice versa
Create a Roadmap
Create a Roadmap system users can vote on.
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