Why use Coin Market Manager?
Do you trade to make more BTC?

Then you need an accurate calculation on your BTC base pair positions.
Then you need Seamless API integration.
Then you want to remove the need for manual trade entries.
Then you require an in depth profit/loss analysis across all exchanges and trades.
Then you need to watch the markets, manage and track your entire crypto net worth, all in one place.

Coin Market Manager offers this and much more.
How does the Dashboard help traders?
By giving you the most in-depth and intuitively accurate trade analysis, Coin Market Manager provides you with all the relevant feedback needed to grow and improve as a trader.
What makes Coin Market Manager different?
Our philosophy is community driven, so we’ll always be looking at new ways to offer the solutions the community will find helpful. Our Leg system, Conversion Hub, Math Lab and other unique features, help us to deliver a unique approach to your Dashboard profit/loss experience.

We have a deep understanding of what the community want, because we are part of the community.
What is the Leg System and how does it work?
The Leg system breaks down your trading history of any crypto asset into individual open and closed trade interactions. You may have bought and sold all of a specific crypto coin in January, and then 6 months later bought and sold the same coin. Our Leg system separates these two interactions of the same crypto coin into two Legs and then displays analytics specific to those two interactions. You’ll then have a far better understanding of your trades, providing clear insights as to where your trade calls are profitable or loss making.
Why do you focus on BTC stacking?
Like most of the community, the Founders believe that BTC is the king of crypto, and actively trade alt coins for the sole purpose of increasing their BTC stack. They believe that BTC has and always will be, the main and dominant cryptocurrency, and see it’s value and usage across the globe, tremendous in its potential.

Coin Market Manager is a bi-product of an internal requirement, lacking in the industry, which allowed them to accurately track their trading history and calculate their true overall BTC position.
Do you have to pay to use your service?
Coin Market Manager is free to use. If you desire an enhanced user experience, there will be packages available to unlock further advanced features in the near future.
What is the Math Lab?
The Math Lab is simply a helpful calculation tool for quick calculations needed on the fly. As Crypto traders, we often found ourselves making the same regular calculations often, so we built a little tool to help you make the same useful calculations.

If the community asks for a specific type of calculation, then we’ll add it, so please feel free to request for additional calculations to be featured in the Math Lab.
What is the Conversion Hub and how does it work?
The Conversion Hub converts all non-BTC base pair trades into their BTC value. We can then accurately calculate and display your profit/loss, in one consistent currency; BTC.

We do this by pulling the historic price data at the time of your trade. For example, if you make an ETH-NEO trade on 2/Feb/18 at 15:24:45, we will pull the price of BTC-ETH at exactly 15:24:45 on 2/Feb/18 and use this price as a conversion rate to display a BTC value for the trade.

Coin Market Manager is the only place where your overall BTC position is truly accurate.
About The Conversion System
Coin Market Manager is specifically tailored towards BTC base pair traders. This is why all our calculations revolve around displaying a BTC value. Therefore, any non-BTC transactions need converting to display their BTC values, and all deposit/withdrawal transactions need addressing to display their FIAT value.

We do this by utilising our vast historical pricing database. In order to display a BTC value for any transaction asset, we must know the BTC-ASSET price at the exact date and time of the transaction execution. And then to work out the FIAT value, we must know the BTC-FIAT price at the same time.

EXAMPLE 1: Deposits/Withdrawals







8/Jan/18 - 16:36:38




In order to work out the BTC value of this ETH deposit in the example above, we need the historical trading price of BTC-ETH at exactly 16:36:38 on 8/Jan/18. Our historical pricing database tells us that the BTC-ETH Binance trading price was exactly 0.074133000 at the date and time quoted.

We now use this BTC-ETH price - 0.074133000 - and multiply by the ETH amount deposited (1.5). We multiply the two figures together because we know that the BTC-ETH price of 0.074133000 BTC is equal to 1 ETH - therfore our deposit of 1.5 ETH mutiplied by the 0.074133000 tells us our BTC value.

BTC value of the deposit = BTC 0.11119950. Quick maths.

Next, to work out the FIAT value of this transaction, we call the trading price of USDT-BTC at the exact same date and time of 16:36:38 on 8/Jan/18, which returns as $14,467.03.

We now know that at the time of trade execution:

- 1 BTC = $14,467.03,

- The BTC value of our deposit = 0.11119950

So to work out the FIAT value of our deposit, we simply multiply these 2 figures together.

= $1,608.73

Conversion success!

EXAMPLE 2: A trade using a non-BTC base currency








4/2/18 - 12:31:28


10 NEO

0.12765000 (ETH)

-1.27650000 (ETH)


4/2/18 - 12:31:28


-1.27650000 ETH

0.12765000 (ETH)

+10 (NEO)

In order to work out the BTC value of this ETH-NEO transaction, we need to know the BTC price of the base asset - ETH in this case - at the exact date & time of the trade execution. A call to our historical pricing database tells us the BTC-ETH price at exactly 4/2/18 - 12:31:28 was 0.101722000.

We can now convert the ETH-NEO price into BTC by multiplying it by the BTC-ETH conversion rate

0.101722000 * 0.127650000 = 0.0129848133 BTC

We then multiply the quantity of NEO bought, by the newly worked out BTC price:

10 NEO * 0.0129848133 = 0.129848133 BTC

So we have now calculated the BTC value of a non-BTC base ETH-NEO transaction, and can use these figures to accurately track your NEO investment progress in BTC.

Conversions succesful!
What Are Conversion Credits?
Each time you make a call to our historical database, it will cost you 1 Conversion Credit. This is because we are storing over 30TB of data across many servers, and are doing our best to accommodate all of our customers, providing the best service we possibly can. Therefore we have introduced the Conversion Credit into our ecosystem as a way to try and ration the strain on our servers, thus ensuring they are working at optimum efficiency and speed.
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