7 Reasons to Use Coin Market Man's Bitmex Portfolio Tracker

Coin Market Manager is one of the first crypto portfolio trackers to allow you to connect your Bitmex account via read-only API. Users can view in depth account analysis of past trades, monitor profit/loss since opening the account, and track progress of live trades.

Check out some of the features highlighted below:
1 - Real-Time Wallet Balance

Watch your margin balance in both BTC and $USD value move in real-time if you have open positions

Bitmex do not show you the USD value of your account
2 - Monitor your Overall P/L

Easily track your overall exchange gains against all BTC invested into Bitmex
3 - Track P/L since Last Deposit

Are your overall exchange gains very in the red?
Set smaller targets to work your way back up. Compete against yourself and track your P/L since the last deposit you made
4 - Watch Live Positions and See USD Conversion in Real-Time

View an overall unrealised/realised PNL for all your open positions, and its live USD value. CMM auto converts all the positions into your selected FIAT currency. 

See what percentage your overall Unrealised PNL is against your total wallet balance to view how much youre growing your balance by.

Viewing the USD values of your unrealised gains and your realised gains is extremely informative when trying to understand the size of your positions. The co-founders trade on Bitmex, and knew that we had to include the option to view your bitmex open position USD value on our platform - Coin Market Manager, Bitcoin & Altcoin Crypto Portfolio Tracker
5 - Visualise your Balance History

See your entire wallet balance history mapped out in a graph and analyse your progress since opening your Bitmex account. Toggle between date ranges, and visualise all deposits, withdrawals and progess.
6 - Analyse your Trading Performance

View your win ratio by calculating how many winning days and losing days you've had.
7 - View a Performance Overview of Every Asset You've Traded

Analyse your performance with all coins youve traded. Click any coin to reveal more indepth breakdowns.
So now you have seen how Coin Market Manager can be used as a powerful Bitmex Portfolio Tracker. Why not create an account for FREE right now!

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